Why To Get a Mac Instead Of Windows PC Explained

Why To Get a Mac Instead Of Windows PC Explained


So you’re attempting to decide between an Apple Mac and a Windows PC. Or perhaps you simply want to explore what a Mac can accomplish that a Windows PC can’t.

A Mac computer from Apple can perform a wide range of tasks better than a Windows PC. When compared to Macs, there are undoubtedly several advantages with Windows PCs. But for the time being, let’s focus on the benefits of purchasing a Mac over a PC.¬†

Reasons to purchase a Mac over a Windows PC include:

  • Macs are easy to buy

Mac computers come in fewer models and configurations than Windows PCs, if only because only Apple manufactures Macs while anyone can create a Windows PC.

Numerous computers sold under the same (or nearly identical) model numbers and product names can be found under some PC brands. Selecting a Windows PC might be difficult if you don’t know what to look for, especially if you’re looking on websites like Amazon.

But Apple makes it simpler for you to choose if all you want is a good computer and you don’t want to do a lot of research. Simply choose one that fits your budget, and it will work well for you.

  • Repairs for Mac computers are simpler.

There are several locations where you can take a Windows PC for repairs, but you’ll need to do most of the research on your own. Prices vary among locations, and you’ll also need to select one with a solid reputation.

The “Genius Bar” at the Apple Store, where you can simply bring your computer, is still the best option. I can only speak from my own experience when I say that getting my Macs fixed has always been simpler than getting my Windows PCs fixed.

  • The ease of use of Apple macOS might vary depending on the user.

Despite having a ton of features and functionality, Windows 10 can occasionally feel a little cluttered. The operating system is formerly known as Apple OS X, Apple macOS provides a comparably tidy and straightforward user interface.

  • The ecosystem of Apple.

Apple has a superior ecosystem to most. Devices including the iPhone, AirPods, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePods, and Apple TV offer some form of useful integration that facilitates and simplifies specific tasks when used in conjunction with a Mac.

No other business or ecosystem has yet to match Apple in terms of the simplicity and ease of device connectivity.

  • Excellent software is included for free with Macs.

It is quite simple to edit videos, make music, or transfer photographs from your camera using the built-in apps on Macs, such as iMovie, Garage Band, and Image Capture, among others.

They surpass anything I’ve encountered that comes with Windows PCs by a wide margin.

  • These free software might not be what you want, but they aren’t nearly as offensive as the “bloatware” that comes with the majority of Windows PCs.

These free apps might not be what you want, but Windows PCs sometimes come with a ton of junk already installed. These may be unneeded third-party applications that clog up your PC.

Even if you purchase a brand-new copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft, it will include games and apps like Candy Crush Saga, which, in my opinion, devalues the look and feel of Windows. You can always get rid of that bloatware, but the fact that it was ever there in the first place irks me.

Even though the preloaded software on Macs may not be everyone’s cup of tea, at least it is less objectionable. as repulsive as the “bloatware” included with the majority of Windows PCs.

  • Every new release of macOS is free.

Every time Apple releases a new version of its operating system, anyone with a Mac may download and install it for free.

Windows 10 get free updates twice a year as well.

However, upgrading to Windows 10 will cost you around $120 if you’re still running an outdated version of Windows, such as the still widely used Windows 7 or the more recent Windows 8 or 8.1.

Although Microsoft did provide that upgrade for free for the first few months following the release of Windows 10, that period has long since passed.

  • The majority of Mac laptops have stunning displays.

Macs boast stunning, sharp, and colorful “Retina” displays. Windows laptops can also have excellent screens, some of which are even crisper or better overall, but finding one with a sharp screen requires a lot of digging through the enormous number of models on the market.

However, if a great display is important to you, stay away from the more affordable, lighter MacBook Air laptop. It makes use of an outdated Apple display that pales in comparison to the more recent Retina devices.

  • The greatest trackpads are found on Mac laptops.

The mouse trackpads on Windows laptops are rarely, if ever, as good as those on Apple’s laptops. Any MacBook has a comfortable and responsive mouse trackpad. Windows trackpads may feel uncomfortable to the touch and can be unreliable.

  • If you want, Macs can run Windows.

You can install Windows on your Mac if you want all the advantages of a Mac but occasionally need to use Windows. Until then, only Apple’s Mac computers may run the macOS operating system.

Even though you could always create your own “Hackintosh” with readily accessible PC components, I wouldn’t suggest it. The parts you can utilize are constrained, and installing and updating macOS on a Hackintosh are difficult.

Final thought 

As you can see, mac computers are very good to have. They make work very easy. If you have a choice of owning a Mac one day, then prepare to fill your pocket well, because these products don’t joke with your money. And if you are a gaming person, then Mac is not for you.

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