This website is planned out by an electronics and communications engineer with over  11+   years of work experience in the industry as engineering, presales and post sales management.

I everyone, my name is mike, a man born and raised by an experienced computer technician dad.

I hold a degree in IT and currently run my own computer and printing business here in the southern side of Italy.

Why do you start this website what is the goals

Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with electronics, and, the fact my dad was an experienced local computer technician, maybe probably that what inspire me to start this site.

My goal here is create various helpful contents that help solve their problems, this website is the best source for me to accomplish my childhood goals, I figure.

Please check out for different topic on this site on tech issues including:

What the Easy Tech Guide is all about Mike?

The Easy Tech Guide is an independent publication designed by an experienced and tech enthusiast to give you the best and easy tech guide.

 Easy Tech Guide is a website with easy tips and tutorials on windows, Google tips, antivirus, apple, mac, software, Linux, Internet and other tech guides.

So, if you are looking for a reliable source to know more about your device and how to use the new ones coming out, then Easy Tech Guide.com is for you.

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Please feel free  to get Intouch if there is anything ever that capture your interest, on this site, if you love to talk about GPU and other tech stuff or if you have anything that you want to share or any opinion at all upon the content I have created on this site.

Please contact me or leave your message direct, I’d love to get feedback from everyone of you and i would be very happy to get back to them all.

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