Is Windows 11 Better For Gaming Than Windows 10? (Explained)

Is Windows 11 Better For Gaming Than Windows 10?

Windows 11 is superior to Windows 10 when gaming on a personal computer. Windows 11 removes the historical baggage left by previous versions of Windows while also bringing new gaming technologies to PC that was previously only available on Xbox consoles.

The release of Windows 11 is expected to make gaming in various ways, ranging from minor enhancements to significant next-generation features.

Exceptional Superior Game Pass Integration

Game Pass is unquestionably Microsoft’s flagship gaming product because it provides early access to first-party games and a vast library of third-party games that are regularly updated.

Game Pass is an experience that is flawlessly integrated and works seamlessly on Xbox consoles; however, when tested on Windows 10 systems, it felt clumsy and slapped together.

Like other Windows 10 users, we have encountered bugs and issues relating to corrupted game files, strange problems with Windows Store integration, and unsuccessful game uninstallations that do not return lost storage space.


Microsoft has patched a significant portion of this issue on Windows 10. However, the company is still working on it on the older version of the operating system; however, PC Game Pass & the rest of the new Microsoft gaming ecosystem have been integrated into Windows 11.

In our experience, using Game Pass on Windows 11 has been completely free of the performance issues and errors that plagued its predecessor, Windows 10.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same experience, but the critical thing to remember is that Microsoft did not tack on Game Pass to Windows 11 as an afterthought. Instead, it is one of the essential pillars that supports the operating system.

Enhanced levels of Performance and Efficiency

The “Game Mode” feature in Windows 10 was undoubtedly helpful in addressing gaming performance issues in the early stages of Windows 10’s lifespan.

Windows 11 also includes a Game Mode; however, it has been improved and has been present since the beginning. When it comes to Game Mode, Microsoft has learned a few valuable tricks.

Game Mode in Windows 11 allows you to get the most out of your hardware by giving lower priority to processes that are not related to games.

PC Gamer recently published an in-depth comparison of Windows 10 and 11, discovering some minor performance differences, with Windows 11 generally outperforming Windows 10, but this is not always the case.

We anticipate that Windows 11 will continue to reduce the overhead between software and “bare metal” to levels more comparable to what a gaming console can achieve.

DirectStorage for faster storage speeds

High-speed storage is one of the most significant advances made by recent gaming consoles over previous consoles. However, the time it takes for a video game to load has been drastically reduced.

As a result, the in-game performance of games that use asset streaming has equally improved significantly.

DirectStorage brings the technology used in Xbox to Windows 11 computers, which previously prevented PCs from taking advantage of the faster speeds offered by modern solid-state drives (SSDs).

The operating system’s features let the GPU increase transfer speeds while relieving some of the CPU’s involved overhead. The result is a significantly faster data transfer experience while playing games.

Unfortunately, DirectStorage requires some particular hardware components to function, but in the long run, all computers will be able to meet those requirements.

For example, DirectStorage could initially only be used with SSDs with a capacity of 1 terabyte, but this restriction was later removed. At the time of writing, you required a graphics writing unit (GPU) that supported shader model 6.0 and solid-state support (SSD) that used the NVMe protocol.

Whether or not you currently own a computer that supports DirectStorage, Windows 11 paves the way for a new generation of games promising to push the data throughput envelope.

Auto-HDR for Existing Games

Auto-HDR is a feature on Xbox consoles that brings high dynamic range (HDR) to games that only support standard dynamic range (SDR).

It achieves this by applying complex mathematics to the SDR image and calculating what it believes the HDR values would have been. The result is an image that isn’t as good as native HDR, but it gives SDR games more “pop.”

Is Windows 11 Better For Gaming Than Windows 10?

The effectiveness of Auto-HDR varies depending on the game, but it has unquestionably given older Xbox games that are played on modern HDR TVs a new lease on life.

The Auto-HDR feature introduced in Windows 11 performs the same function but can be used across your PC games.

It is, however, only compatible with games that use DirectX 11 or DirectX 12, and none of the numerous classic DirectX 9 PC games will benefit.

In comparison to the pitiful state in which HDR support existed on Windows 10, Windows 11 provides a generally impressive improvement to HDR in its entirety.

You can learn how to enable Auto-HDR and access Windows 11’s HDR settings by reading our guide on enabling HDR in Windows 11.

This is the Direction That DirectX Is Headed.

DirectX 12 Ultimate is the most recent version of Microsoft’s features programming interface (API), and it is supported by both Windows 10 and Windows 11. DirectX 12 Ultimate allows developers to make visually stunning games.

So, for the time being, Windows 10 gamers can access the same feature set as long as they have the necessary hardware. However, this will not be the case for much longer. The end of the extended support period for Windows 10 is scheduled for October 2025.

As a result, it is reasonable to assume that future DirectX developments will be made available on Xbox consoles and Windows 11; however, there is no guarantee that this will occur after the official end of support for Windows 10.

However, if you want to experience the next advancement in gaming features, Windows 11 is the place to be for the foreseeable future. We anticipate receiving at least DirectX 12 Ultimate updates for Windows 10 until the end of support.

Next-Generation CPU Support

The latest Central Processing Units (CPUs) from Intel, the 12th-generation models, bring new hybrid architecture to desktop computers.

This architecture combines high-performance cores with efficient cores to achieve the highest efficiency level possible. 

This is fantastic news for gamers because games will have unrestricted access to high-performance cores.

In contrast, efficient cores will handle background housekeeping tasks and gaming-related applications like Discord and streaming apps.

When writing in February 2022, only Windows 11 provides full support for these CPUs and the complex task scheduling intelligence required to ensure that the appropriate processor is assigned to each job.

Some Xbox Features That Would Be Appreciated in Windows 11:Final Thought

Even though features like Auto-HDR and DirectStorage are greatly appreciated, some features are exclusive to Microsoft’s most recent gaming consoles. We’d especially like to see the Xbox Quick Resume feature available on Windows PCs.

This function takes a screenshot of a game and saves it to your hard drive (SSD). It then lets you immediately resume a game from where you left off.

The feature makes more sense on a gaming console, where multiple people use the same system simultaneously, but it would be nice to have the option to use it on gaming PCs running Windows 11!


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