How Do You Fix Laptop’s Loose Charger Port Yourself? (Explained)

How Do You Fix Laptop's Loose Charger Port Yourself? (Explained)

To repair a loose charging port on a laptop, replace the AC power input jack from within the notebook.

Before taking any action, confirm that the problem is with the charging port. A loose connection on the motherboard or the charger cord is also possible.

If you keep plugging the charger into the port, the port will eventually become faulty.

And if you’re certain it’s the charging port that’s broken, try the methods listed below to see if it helps.

Inspect Your Laptop’s Loose Charger Port first

  1. First and foremost, you must determine the laptop’s SKU number so that you can quickly locate the service manual for your laptop.
  2. Remove the cover by unscrewing all of the screws.
  3. Then, detach your keyboard from the laptop and unplug all of the connections and cords from the motherboard’s side. Remove the optical drive as well.
  4. After removing the optical drive, flip the laptop over and loosen any remaining screws that are keeping the shell in place.
  5. Now, using a thin but sturdy tool such as a credit card, pry open the top and bottom shells of the laptop.
  6. Separate the bottom shell very gently now.
  7. Concentrate on the left hinge since you will now tilt the laptop lid open in a direction other than toward the motherboard.
  8. Disconnect the motherboard’s AC power input jack. Inspect it properly and note the part number.
  9. It will now be simpler to order a replacement part.
  10. When the new part arrives, simply reverse the preceding steps and reassemble your laptop.
  11. After charging the battery with your AC adapter, turn on your laptop.

A long-term accumulation of dust in the charging port might sometimes give rise to this type of issue. You can clean it up yourself or take it to a service center.

Is it possible to repair a faulty laptop charging port buy yourself?

If you have the necessary skills, you can do so; if you do not, you must attend the service center as soon as possible.

  • If it is the plug or cable that is causing the problem, you can simply replace it. Because even if you manage to repair the power adapter, it will not last long.
  • If it isn’t the power adapter, it could be the laptop’s internal jack. Which must also be replaced.
  • If the power jack has come loose, you’ll need a soldering iron to reattach it to the motherboard. However, if the power jack is not only loose but also damaged, replacement is a viable choice.

Multiple remedies are dependent on the core cause of the problem, which is why you must first determine the source and determine whether it is the charging port or something else.

How much does it cost to repair a damaged laptop charging port?

The cost of replacing a laptop charging port is entirely dependent on the brand and model of your computer.

Some parts are easily changeable in one or two hours for less than $8, but others are directly attached to the motherboard.

As a result, any damage to such components may need the replacement of the complete motherboard.

Similarly, some charging connectors are positioned inside the laptop in such a way that the entire laptop must be disassembled merely to replace or repair that port.

As a result, the labor cost will be only marginally more than the replacement cost.

In most cases, replacing the jack or port will cost roughly $100, but depending on the situation, it can cost up to $350.

Even certain models’ charging ports are constantly breaking. It happens because the port or jack is complicatedly linked, and the cost can reach $65.

How to Test the Charging Port on a Laptop

  1. Examine the laptop charger
  2. Battery charging circuit

If your laptop is having trouble charging, you may encounter the following scenarios:

  • Even though the charger is put in, the battery continues to drain. The power or battery light does not illuminate when the charger is connected.
  • You are unable to turn on your laptop.
  • Windows is informing you that your battery is not charged.

Examine the laptop charger

Check the operation of your laptop charger with a multimeter. If the charger is operational, proceed to the next step; if it is not operational, replace it.

Battery charging circuit

You will now test the pins that are connected to the battery. You must be extremely cautious when using these days since if any of the pins are shorted, your laptop’s motherboard will be ruined.

How do you fix laptop’s loose charger port?

Follow the following steps for you to fix your loose charger port.


While operating yourself, watch a few YouTube videos to see how your DC Jack should be and to guarantee that it is not destroyed.

How Do You Fix Laptop's Loose Charger Port Yourself? (Explained)
How Do You Fix Laptop’s Loose Charger Port Yourself? (Explained)


Tools you need

  • Soldering iron
  • Multimeter
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Tiny screwdrivers
  • New DC Jack
  • Disposable cups
  • Thermal compound
  • Isopropanol
  • Desoldering braid
  • Map

When disassembling your laptop, you may discover numerous screws, some of which may be hidden. So, first, make a map of the screw’s location on the paper.

  • Opening up

Remove the optical drive, hard drive battery, and any other items that must be removed. After removing the screws, place them in separate cups to make reassembling easier.

  • Connector for plates

When removing the plate connector, use extreme caution. Then, disconnect all of the connections and cables that are attached to the plate.

  • Plate and keyboard

It’s now time to remove the keyboard by unscrewing the specific screws. Remove the LCD as well.

  • The exoskeleton and the endoskeleton

The plastic exoskeleton and endoskeleton will be removed next.

  • Remove the old DC Jack.

The circuit board for DC power is now visible. Take out the jack.

  • New DC power connector

Reverse the steps you took to remove the old DC power jack and replace it.

  • Assemble your laptop

To rebuild your laptop, repeat the previous steps, but before putting the endoskeleton in place, clean up the thermal compound.

Finally, power on your laptop and remember to plug it in.

Final thought 

If the Acer Aspire laptop still does not charge after replacing the laptop charger, it is time to replace the charging port.

Find the SKU number of your laptop and then the documentation for changing the charging port, specifically for your laptop.

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