How To See Your Call History With A Specific Person On iPhone? (Explained)

How To See Your Call History With A Specific Person On iPhone? (Explained)

You can check your call history to find out who tried to reach you when you weren’t available on your phone, whom you’ve spoken to, and the details about the calls, such as how long they lasted.

With the default iOS Phone app, you can view call history with one specific person and what number of times a person tried to call, whether it was an actual phone call or just a facetime call.

If you want to know more about a person who has tried to call you, you may want to delve deeper into their background.

Discover The History of who Call You On your iPhone

In addition to finding out the duration of the call, the exact times the calls were made when two members were grouped, editing their contact information, calling them back, blocking them, and finding out how long the call lasted.

The feature allows you to delve deeper into a specific call that you have had with someone, although you cannot check the history of the calls you have ever had with that person.

Follow the following steps to check the call history with one specific person. 


Tap on the “Phone icon” from your home screen at the bottom left corner. The Phone application will give you several options to choose from at the bottom of the screen.


Find out how many recent calls you have made by tapping the Recent icon.


You can search the list to find out the call history of the person you’d like to know about. You’ll only see some of the missed calls if you switch from the Missed tab to the Recent tab when you do this.


There’s no record of the person whose history you want to examine on the Recent tab. You’ll need to call them so they can provide you with a track record. Ensure that the call is terminated before the other party hears it.

In the Recent tab, you’ll find the name of the person you just called, and you’ll be able to gather more information about that call by clicking on it.


You can tap the ‘i’ icon just above the person’s name. When you click the ‘i’ icon, you will be directed to the screen that contains all the information about this contact.

In addition to the call history, the details would include the call’s time, date, and duration. As well as making calls back, leaving notes for certain calls, blocking the contact, and messaging them back, you can also do things like that.

You can follow this video and see call history on the iPhone. 


Final thoughts:

You can easily check the call history of one specific person on an iPhone. You just have to follow some simple steps. You just go to the home screen and tap on the phone icon.

Tapping recent in the Phone application will bring up the recent list.

Then tap the I button. There you will see recent incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, you can notice how long each call lasted and at what time it was received.


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