Which Accessories Necessary For MacBooks & Pro (Explained)

Which Accessories Necessary For MacBooks & Pro (Explained)

You can maximize the performance of your computer with the best MacBooks and Pro accessories. Apple’s necessary. 

And since the MacBook lines are increasingly minimalist in design; this brand’s laptop’s slim and elegant elegance has become the beauty standard for the laptop market.

However, to have a slim-bezel plan, the MacBook has been removed from the connection ports, which causes the buyer to spend an extra amount for the included accessories because many accessories are almost always Obligatory. However, there will also be unnecessary and inefficient use. 

Make us waste most of our money, so which accessories are necessary for you and the MacBook? You can find the answer to this query by reading this article.

The Accessories that are Necessary For MacBook & Pro include: 

  1. Brackets, pedestals
  2. Paste the screen:
  3. Keyboard protector:
  4. shockproof bag:
  5. USB hub:
  6. Hub/Type-C adapter to multimedia ports:
  7. Hard Drive For MacBook
  1. Brackets, pedestals:

Rain Design mStand Laptop Gray

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  1. Paste the screen:

 screen protection :

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  1. Keyboard protector:

Keyboard protector:

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  1. shockproof bag:

Shockproof bag:

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  1. USB hub:

USB hub:

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  1. Hub/Type-C adapter to multimedia ports:
Hub/Type-C adapter to multimedia ports:
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 7.Hard Drive For MacBook

Hard Drive For MacBook
Hard Drive For MacBook
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  • Brackets, Stand for MacBook:


Rain Design mStand Laptop Gray


The stand is an accessory that looks unnecessary but is very important to us.

When you use the computer for a long time without using the stand – the stand, especially for office workers, will affect the situation of shoulder pain, neck pain, and vision deviation.

This accessory will help change the position and adjust the height and tilt of the computer to suit your needs and purposes.

Eye-level direction is also better aligned; you don’t have to bend your head too much when using it; drag the slider to increase or decrease the screen height to suit eye level for better posture.

  • Screen sticker for MacBook:


Screen sticker for MacBook


Screen stickers have long been an indispensable accessory for all electronic devices; MacBooks and screen protectors will help protect your computer screen from unfortunate scratches and dust. Dirt and corrosive substances,…


The sticker is machined and designed precisely to the screen size, so it doesn’t leave any gaps when applied; meticulously finished with transparent material, providing good protection for the screen and not reducing image display quality on MacBook.

The sticker’s surface is coated with an anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, waterproof and oil-repellent layer.

Your MacBook will always be clean and safe from external forces or other unintended factors. You are crafted to help the sticker adhere to the screen firmly without peeling or chipping during use.

You can quickly swap out the sticker for a new one for your MacBook screen at any time because it won’t leave any residue after being removed.

  • Keyboard protector For Macs:


Keyboard protector For Macs:


The keyboard cover protects the keyboard on the MacBook from dust, water, or other liquids.

When you use MacBook, the keyboard is the place of direct contact, so it is essential to protect and keep the keyboard clean; if dust, water, coffee, etc., get in, it will cause a table jam.

Keys, waiting for keys, and quite unhygienic if the food wire has greasy food. Therefore, the keyboard cover will help you better protect your keyboard.

It would be beneficial if you also took care to purchase as thin as possible keys, as this will make typing more quickly possible. The design is slim, compact, and does not affect the bounce when pressing the key. 


However, if you do not use your MacBook too much during the day, and the frequency of eating and using the computer is not high, this keyboard cover is not too necessary, and you will save some money!

  • Shockproof bag:


Shockproof bag for mac :


The MacBook has a reasonably thin and light design that is very suitable for us to carry around to work daily.

So if you often move, equip a shockproof bag to protect this laptop better, limiting impact. The shockproof bag helps protect MacBook from substantial effects and drops; not only shockproof, but the product also helps prevent dirt and water when walking in the rain. 

If you already have a backpack, it is also necessary to have an extra shockproof bag for your MacBook when going out to work or study.

Because usually, you will carry a lot of things in the backpack, which may cause the device to dent. Because the MacBook has a thin thickness, the protection also needs much more attention.

As for packs that already have their laptop compartment, you should not ignore this accessory; if you accidentally drop your backpack, this shockproof bag accessory will also protect your device better.

  • USB hub for Macs:


USB hub for Macs


Apple has killed all connection ports on the new MacBooks and only kept the USB-C port.

Therefore, a device that helps to add additional ports, such as a USB or memory card slot, is essential.

If you need to use a wireless mouse and keyboard, it is also necessary to buy this USB hub because most of those accessories still use USB-A ports while the new MacBook models do not. USB Type-C port only.

  • Hub/Type-C adapter to multimedia ports for MacBook:


Hub/Type-C adapter to multimedia ports for MacBook:


This is an essential accessory for office workers because of the nature of the work that requires a lot of data conversion.

Especially for MacBook users from 2016 and later, this accessory is even more necessary when the machine’s connection ports have been reduced to only a Thunderbolt USB-Type C port.

However, most peripheral devices have not kept up, so we still need ports such as HDMI, USB-A, SD card, memory card, etc.

So to copy and transfer data to and from memory cards SD, USB, output to an external display via HDMI, etc., you need a converter.

  • Hard Drive For MacBook:

Hard Drive For MacBook
Hard Drive For MacBook


All MacBook models are equipped with SSD hard drives with breakneck data transfer speeds, but the price of this hard drive is relatively high.

The capacity of this type is not much compared to traditional HDD hard drives. . Specifically, the 128GB and 256GB MacBook versions cost several million apart.

Still, HDDs with a capacity of up to 1TB only cost less than 2 million. And if you do not need fast access speed but need to prioritize storage space, HDD is a reasonable solution.

However, you can also store via Cloud or Dropbox… if the storage demand is not too high.


Final Thoughts

Today when laptops are becoming an indispensable part of everyday life, the need to protect computers, especially high-end devices like MacBooks, is something that many users are interested in.

Therefore, finding and buying screen protector accessories for your device is essential to ensure maximum and long-lasting protection for your laptop screen.

When purchasing a MacBook, I hope this article will assist you in finding the appropriate accessories so you can spend less money!

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