Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

Here are the Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app to get best out of your device. 

The shortcut app would be the correct explanation for Apple about the IFTTT (If This Then That) app. It is pre-installed on your iOS device and helps complete complex tasks, apps, or other miscellaneous things when giving Siri commands.

It makes it possible to finish something that iOS does not support, which makes it possible for you to be more productive.

This topic disscuss how to use keyboard shortcuts on iPhone and Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app.

What are Shortcuts Apps?

An application shortcut is a fast way to complete one or more activities.’ Shortcuts can interact with apps and content installed on your iPhone and with data and services on the internet.

Using this allows you to perform several types of tasks quickly and efficiently.

Where can I find keyboard shortcuts on iPhone?

Unlike apps on iOS devices, you’re not limited to giving shortcuts to making your actions easier.

You can use a ‘curated collection of creative and useful shortcuts from Apple or even get them from elsewhere created by others for reference. Take a look at the ways below:

How to add shortcuts from Gallery

1. Open the Shortcuts app and tap Gallery.

2. Here, you will see some keyboard shortcuts. They’re under headings like Shortcuts from Your Apps, Essentials, Morning routine, Quick Shortcuts, Featured ), etc. Click See All to see more from that category.

3. Tap a shortcut. Next, click Add Shortcut. The Shortcut is now added, and you can find it under My Shortcuts.


In the step above, tap the [number] actions to see how it works. Also, some shortcuts, like the one that reminds you at work, will ask you to enter your work address. Fill in your workplace and click Continue.

How to add a shortcut from a website

You can find many useful keyboard shortcuts on the internet. Nevertheless, ensure that you stick to the most reliable methods and refrain from installing anything that comes your way.

Before getting them, you will have to allow permission to add untrusted shortcuts from the settings app.

We have a proven list of the best Siri shortcuts you can use. Click command and then click Add Untrusted Shortcut. You can also find these on website forums like Shortcuts Subreddit, Shortcuts, etc.

Share and get shortcuts.

It’s easy to share shortcuts from your iPhone or iPad with someone who wants to create their own but can’t. Open the Shortcuts app, then select My Shortcuts to get started. Finally, press and hold a shortcut and select Share.Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

You can also tap the More icon (three dots) in the upper right of the Shortcut. On the next screen, select the share icon and look for an option that looks like AirDrop from the Share Page.

How to create a new shortcut on iPhone

In the steps below, a few people are creating a simple shortcut that allows us to quickly record voice messages and send them to our editor via the Messages app.

While creating: Tap the curved arrow to undo or redo. Use the triangle button for starting mode to test your Shortcut. You can also tap the (x) to delete an action. Or press and hold, then drag an effort up or down to reorder.

1. Open the Shortcuts app and tap My Shortcuts.

2. Click Create Shortcut. Alternately, click the plus sign in the top right.

3. Click Add Action or use the search bar.

4. If you want to record, tap Media. You can choose one of the many options there.Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

5. Tap Record Audio. To add more options, click Show More to customize.

6. Next, to need to add the Share via Message option. And having done this, first tap the cross to close the Media section. After that, select the plus-sign icon.Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

7. Tap Sharing and then tap Send Message.

Shortcuts will be built in the most basic way. If you want to run it now, it will ask you to record voice notes, and when the recording stops, it will automatically open the Send Message option. There, you’ll have to enter the person’s name or number. But since we’re creating this Shortcut to send to only one person, make one change.

8. Click on Recipients.Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

9. Next, when the search is done for the contact of the person to send, tap on it. Tap Done. Our desired Shortcut is now almost complete.

10. Click Next and enter the shortcut name. Finally, tap Done!Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

The Shortcut has been created and is already available in our Shortcuts! Let’s proceed to run it by clicking on it to check it out.

Keyboard shortcuts can be very complicated when packed with dozens of actions. Try out many experiments; once you understand how it works, you can create all the shortcuts to your preferences.

The Shortcuts application has been added to iOS by Apple for a long time, but few people pay attention to this application.

1. Shortcut for directions in the event

Directions To Next Event is a shortcut for advice; when a location is attached to an event on your phone, this Shortcut will automatically direct you to the event you have saved.

This Shortcut is significant for Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. You can set up the Today Widget or Apple Watch shortcut type in the settings.

2. Download YouTube videos

This is a very convenient shortcut for those who want to download videos from YouTube to their phones; after downloading the Download YouTube shortcut, go to YouTube => find the video you want to download => press Share => Add => Download YouTube, and wait for the download.

3. Play playlist

As for the Play Playlist shortcuts, they will be available in your Shortcut. With this Shortcut, you must select one of the Playlists available on Apple Music.Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

4. Create a speed dial menu

If you usually call a fixed number of people, creating a speed dial shortcut will help you reach faster, saving you the time to go through your contacts and find numbers.

This Shortcut is available in your Shortcut; add a Speed Dial shortcut => select the contact you often call => Done.Best shortcuts for ios shortcuts app (Explained)

5. Find the nearest gas station.

If your car runs out of gas, download the Find Gas shortcut instead of opening Google Maps to find a gas station. This Shortcut will quickly display a list of the closest gas stations along with driving instructions.

You can edit and optimize this Shortcut to better suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

The top Shortcuts apps will enhance your Shortcuts experience.

That’s it, then! These are the top apps for shortcuts, in our opinion. You can begin to increase the possibilities for your Shortcuts and simplify challenging tasks by utilizing these apps.

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