How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

How do you turn off iPhone 13 pro max? Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup includes Face ID and does away with the Home button, just like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models.

The new Side button has replaced the power button on more recent iPhones. Siri is launched when you press and hold the Side button on the right side of the iPhone.

As a result, restarting or turning off an iPhone X or later no longer requires pressing a physical button. However, on an iPhone 8 or earlier, the device can be turned off by simply pressing and holding the power key.

It might be challenging to turn off iPhone 13 if you’re upgrading from an iPhone 8 or earlier, so, do not fret! This short guide will review several methods for turning off or powering down your iPhone 13.

Additionally, there is a workaround to restart and shut down the iPhone 13 without using the power button in case it is damaged or malfunctioning.

Pressing physical buttons

This is how an iPhone is typically turned off without using the screen. When your iPhone’s screen is broken or unusable, and you need to turn it off, it’s useful.

1. When the Power off slider appears, press and hold the Side button while also pressing the Volume Up or Down button.

2. Slide to Power off by dragging the slider to the right.How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

3. The iPhone now shuts off.

TIP: To prevent your iPhone from being tracked after it is powered off, you can temporarily disable the Find My network and access Emergency SOS and Medical ID from the power-off screen.How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

To turn on the iPhone 13, merely press and hold the Side button for a short period. The device will restart, and the screen will display the Apple logo.

It lacked a power button.

To turn off an iPhone or iPad without using the physical buttons, iOS has a hidden setting. By doing this, you can quickly turn off your iPhone without needing to press the Side and Volume buttons together.

It is helpful when the Side button is inoperative or when operating the device with one hand. It’s surprising how few iPhone users are familiar with the virtual Shut Down feature.

Without pressing the power button, turn off your iPhone 13 here.

1. Select General under Settings.

2. Scroll to the bottom of General and select “Shut Down.”How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

3. Slide to turn the gadget off.

How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

How to restart your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro forcibly.

You might need to force restart an iPhone on occasion. Examples include a frozen iPhone 13 screen, or an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo or loading screen. A usual restart won’t work if your iPhone becomes unresponsive in such a situation.

To forcefully restart the iPhone 13, press and release the Volume up button. Then quickly release the Volume down button after pressing it. Hold down the Side button after the Apple logo appears on the screen. Watch for the computer to start up.

Restarting an iPhone 13

Unlike Android devices, the iPhone and iPad do not have a restart or reboot option. Therefore, the only option available to users is manually turning on their device after it has been powered off. A secret restart button on the iPhone and iPad are accessible with iOS 12 and later.

Without using the Side or Volume buttons, restart your iPhone 13 by:

1. Select Touch under Settings > Accessibility.

2. Tap “AssistiveTouch” at the top, then toggle the AssistiveTouch feature.How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

3. Your screen will now display the virtual button for AssistiveTouch.

4. Press the button, then select device> More (3-dots).How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

5. Press “Restart” once more, then choose restart to confirm.How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

I’m done now. Now, your iPhone will restart on its own.

You have the option to alter the AssistiveTouch menu. By moving the Restart option to the AssistiveTouch button’s main menu, you can quickly access it.

Using the Settings App on your iPhone, turn it off.

Your iPhone 13 model can also be turned off using the Settings app if you don’t want to use any buttons. Select “Settings” -> “General,” then “Scroll to the Bottom” and “Shut Down.”

Additionally, you can use the search feature in Settings to look for and choose “Shut Down” to get there.

Similar to the first method of Option 1, the Power Off menu will appear. The iPhone will turn off after you swipe right on the “slide to power off” switch and wait for about 30 seconds.

If you decide not to use the “slide to power off” button before it is activated, To unlock your iPhone and turn Face ID back on, you must also enter your passcode.How To turn off iPhone 13 pro max? (Explained)

Using the Buttons on Your iPhone, turn it on.

If you turn off your iPhone 13 model, as shown in the image above, you will need to turn it on manually. It only takes a few presses and holds of the Side button to do this.

For the same result, you can also press the Side button once. Next, enter your passcode when the lock screen appears to unlock your iPhone and enable your Face ID.

Utilizing your lightning cable, turn on

Connecting your iPhone 13 model to a power source is another way to turn it on. Connect it to a power adapter, portable power bank, or turned-on computer using a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Your iPhone should then open to the lock screen, where you must input your passcode to unlock it and enable Face ID shortly after the Apple logo appears.

Using a Wireless Charger to Turn on

A wireless charger can be used in place of a USB-C to Lightning connection to turn on your iPhone automatically.

Connect your iPhone to an Apple MagSafe Charger, an Apple MagSafe Duo Charger, an Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, or a Qi-certified wireless charger from another manufacturer.

The Apple logo should appear a short while later, and your iPhone should then open to the lock screen, where you must input your passcode to unlock it and enable Face ID.

Final Thoughts

Above is How you turn off your iPhone 13 pro max, It will help you a lot in using iPhone.

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