How to pay someone using apple pay (Explained)

How to pay someone using apple pay (Explained)

Here is How you pay someone using apple pay easy step by step. Want to send money to a friend or relative? To pay someone using Apple Pay, follow this tutorial.

Since so many people own an iPhone, it might be helpful to send them money or ask for cash using Apple Pay. But how does Apple Pay work for payments?

It can be perplexing if you haven’t sent a payment this way before. But after you set it up, making payments and getting paid again is simple. If you’ve never used Apple Pay, this guide will teach you how to do it.

The US is the only country where you can use Apple Pay to send money to friends and family though, so, to get started …. 

Install the Apple Wallet is necessary.

To use Apple Pay, you must have the Apple Wallet app installed on your iOS device.

The Apple Wallet is one of the pre-installed Apple apps that can be deleted after iOS 10.

Before even using the wallet app, many users unintentionally remove it from their devices.

We know that many pre-installed apps are useless, but this one is useful and can facilitate payments.

You can reinstall the Wallet app from the App Store if you previously deleted it. It’s also crucial to remember that Apple Pay allows you to send money to other Apple users, and those individuals must also have the Wallet app installed.

Include a Payment Method

You must have a payment method in your account to use Apple Pay. Fortunately, adding a payment option is simple.

You will notice a black circle with a plus (+) sign once in the Wallet app. To add new payment options, tap this.

To add a new card from this point on, tap Continue. You can quickly scan a debit or credit card with the Apple Wallet app, which will automatically enter the data; you don’t need to type out each number simultaneously.

The Apple Card application is another choice you have within the app. To apply, you must have good credit, though some fair credit scores are accepted

How to pay someone using apple pay (Explained)
How to pay someone using apple pay (Explained)


Pay Retailers Using Apple Pay.

You are prepared to begin paying merchants once you have added a payment method. Apple Pay is integrated into many businesses, including vending machines. You don’t need to take out a card to pay with your phone quickly.

Double-tap the Side button on your iPhone close to any Apple Pay reader device to make a payment using Apple Pay.

You can then access your Apple Pay cards. The card you want to use will rise to the top when you choose it.

A ding will sound once the price has been sent, and you will then be asked to confirm your payment.

If double-clicking the side button doesn’t function for you, ensure that this option is enabled. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and turn on Double-Click Side Button to allow it.

Create an Apple Cash Account to Use With Apple Pay

Sending money to family and friends is possible with Apple Pay. It is significant to remember that they must reside in the US and possess an Apple Wallet.

Apple Wallet does not currently allow you to send money to other bank accounts or payment apps (like CashApp or Venmo).

You can transfer money to your loved ones using the Messages app.

You must first set up Apple Cash to access this option. This functions as a virtual cash wallet inside of your Apple Wallet.

With Apple Pay, you can add money to this wallet and receive payments from other people. Please be aware that every person or organization you pay for must also have Apple Cash.

Go to the Wallet app to configure Apple Cash. A black card says “Cash” in the Wallet app.

To create an Apple Cash account, tap this. This usually takes less than a minute. You must be sure of a few essentials.

Apple Cash: Send a Payment to Someone.

You can now send and receive money since everything is set up. There are no more settings you need to apply, and everything should start working.

All you have to do to start sending and receiving payments is use iMessage. In the Messages app, tap the name of the person you want to pay.

An Apple Pay icon is located above the keyboard. Once you do that, you can use an iMessage to request or send money.

You can also request and send payments using an Apple Watch if you have one. On your watch, launch the messages app, then select the Apple Pay option.

Once configured, you can access this setting by swiping the Messages app; it will be located along with all the other Messages options.

Please be aware that at this time, you cannot set up Apple Pay on your watch; instead, you must do so on your iPhone or iPad.

You can quickly and hands-free send or request payments using Siri if you frequently use it.

Say, “Siri, send [contact name] $5,” and the price will be confirmed before it is sent. Money requests are no different.

Cash Withdrawal.

You can either keep your Apple Cash in the Apple Wallet app until you need to send it to someone else, or you can withdraw it to any bank account.

Because Apple Cash is FDIC insured, just like any other bank, it is secure to store some cash there.

Go to the Apple Wallet app to make a withdrawal. Scroll down and tap the black Apple Cash card once you arrive here. You can view your Apple Cash balance here.

How to pay someone using apple pay (Explained)
How  to pay someone using apple pay (Explained) 

If you want to withdraw, tap the circle with the three dots in the top right corner.

These are the settings for Apple Cash. You can find a location that says “Bank Account” on this page. By entering your routing and account numbers, click here to add a bank account.

After adding a bank account and completing all necessary verifications, choose Transfer to Bank at the top of the Apple Cash settings.

To submit the transfer, enter the desired amount and click Next. Depending on your bank, this process can take one to three days.

Final Thoughts: Easy Access to Apple Pay.

As long as the recipient is using iMessage and resides in the US, you can instantly send payments to other individuals using iMessage once your Apple Wallet is set up.

Today, text messages can be used to send or request money from friends. Using your funds outside of Apple Pay can be simple if you receive money by withdrawing it to your bank account after receiving it.

Setting up Apple Pay today can make life simpler later on. It is a convenient tool that is becoming more and more commonly used worldwide.

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