Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)

Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)

Here are Easy steps on how you can use iPhone as a mouse for a mac.

With an iPhone, you can do a virtually endless number of things. The possibilities with the iPhone are endless, from web browsing to star charts.

The iPhone’s ability to function as a mouse or trackpad for a Mac shouldn’t be a surprise.

Although using a device that costs hundreds of dollars as a mouse may seem absurd, the best tool is always the one at hand. Here’s how to use your iPhone with your Mac as a mouse.

Using a Mouse Made of Your iPhone or iPad

There are many apps available to benefit from using an iPhone (or iPad) as a mouse. Mobile Mouse Remote is one of the highly regarded applications.

It’s one of a handful of apps that regularly appear online and offer comparable functionality, but it also has the best reviews and supports the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

For the extensive feature set, $1.99 is a great deal. The rest is straightforward once you have the app downloaded to your iPhone.

You can start using your iPhone as the most expensive mouse you can imagine in a matter of minutes.

Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)
Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)

Synchronizing the iPad and iPhone.

Users can connect their Mac computer to Mobile Mouse Remote in four ways. Unsurprisingly, Wi-Fi is the first.

This is a fantastic choice when you have a strong signal at home or work. There is a peer-to-peer option, but it is the least likely to be used of the four.

Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)

Bluetooth is probably the option that is second in popularity. The USB connection is the last step in connecting the iPhone to the Mac.

This makes it impossible to use the iPhone as a “wireless mouse,” but it can be done in an emergency.

Please note that any connection method other than Wi-Fi necessitates a $0.99 in-app purchase.

You need to download the software to your Mac after it has been set up on your iPhone or iPad.

Install the Mobile Mouse server app, which is available for free, on your computer. Once you’ve finished the initial setup, if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network the next time your Mac starts up, they should automatically pair up.

Activating Mouse Features

The desktop application for Mobile Mouse is waiting for you to access your server settings in your Menu Bar.

The app automatically takes care of most of the backend work, including setting up your IP address and port for syncing to your iPhone.

Embarrassingly, the app will request access to Accessibility on your Mac the first time you open it.

Recent macOS releases have repeatedly made this request, and while it can be inconvenient, it is there for our protection as users.

Now click the box under “System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Privacy -> Mobile Mouse Server.” It might be necessary to select the mouse app first, then uncheck the lock and enter your computer’s password.

You can click the lock once more to protect yourself from further changes.Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)

Verify your connection by accessing the app’s server settings once connected to the computer.

Your machine should have a checkmark next to it in the list. Additionally, the connection type you use should be highlighted in green.

You can use your mouse the same way as any other wireless mouse once you are connected.

Thanks to Multitouch, you can access many of the same multi-finger functions, including pinching in and out for several shortcut functions.Easy steps on how to use iPhone as a mouse for a mac (Explained)

As a final reminder, it is highly recommended that you use a password with this app, which is enabled through the settings, in case someone gains access to your iPhone without your permission. Take this as your first and final caution!

Different App Options

Mobile Mouse Remote is an excellent option for using your iPhone or iPad as a mouse, but it’s not the only one available.

A perfect substitute that is free with in-app purchases is Remote Mouse.

Most of the features from the suggested option above are included, and you’ll also get a beneficial setup video to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

The app’s “Pro” membership option costs $1.49 per month, while the one-time fee to remove ads is $0.99.


1. Will macOS Monterey’s Universal Control make these apps obsolete?

No. Instead of using the iPad as a mouse, Universal Control is more about using your existing mouse on the device.

2. Do the use of these apps raises any privacy issues?

Generally speaking, no. Apple’s previous app store updates now require the developer to specify precisely what data is collected on individual users.

Mobile Mouse and Unified Remote do not gather information. Remote Mouse tracks data usage, determining which advertisements you have seen or how you have used the app.

3. Should I use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when connecting the two devices?

Wi-Fi functions adequately if you have a lot of bandwidth. Bluetooth is superior and generally has lower latency, making it the most popular option among users.

Final Thoughts

Using your iPhone as a mouse is a simple process. It would be cool to use your iPhone as a mouse. If you start getting calls or texts requiring you to look at the phone, that will change quickly.

With those “problems” out of the way, this is yet another item to add to the list of “things your iPhone could do.” Knowing that you have a mouse in your pocket if you ever need one quickly is excellent.

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