How Do You Take a screenshot on a Mac? (Eplained)

How do you take a screenshot on a Mac? -mac screen

On your Mac, you may use Screenshots or keyboard shortcuts to capture photographs (called screenshots) or recordings of the screen. The screenshot is a suite of tools that allows you to quickly take screenshots and screen recordings, with choices to customize what you capture, such as setting a timing delay or including the pointer or clicks.

Screenshot allows you to take images or record your screen.

  1. To launch a screenshot and display the tools on your Mac, hit Shift-Command-5 (or use Launchpad).
  2. The Screenshot tools panel. To pick what you wish to capture or record, click a tool (or use the Touch Bar). 
  3. Drag the frame to move it or the edges to modify the size of the area you want to capture or record for a piece of the screen. If desired, select Options.

Whether you’re capturing a screenshot or recording a video, you’ll have different options. For example, you may select where to save the file and establish a scheduled delay.

The Show Floating Thumbnail option makes it easier to deal with a finished shot or video by allowing you to drag it into a document, mark it up, or share it before it’s saved to the destination you chose.

  • Start taking a screenshot or recording a screencast:
  • Click Capture to capture the full screen or a piece of it.
  • To use a window, move the cursor to it and click it.
  • Click Record to start recording. Click the Stop Recording button in the menu bar to stop recording.

You can perform any of the following when the thumbnail is momentarily shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen when the Show Floating Thumbnail option is enabled:

  • Swipe right to save the file and delete it straight away.
  • In a document, an email, a note, or a Finder window, drag the thumbnail.
  • To mark up the screenshot, reduce the recording, or share it, click the thumbnail to open a window.

An app may launch depending on where you saved the screenshot or recording.

You can follow this video.

Use keyboard shortcuts to take photographs

On your Mac, you may capture screenshots using a variety of keyboard shortcuts. The documents have been saved to the desktop.

Tip: Hold down the Control key while pressing the other keys to copy a screenshot to paste someplace else, such as an email or another device. To duplicate the entire screen, for example, press Shift-Command-Control-3.

I will help you with the shortcut of your Mac device’s action you wish to perform.

  • To capture the full screen, hold down Shift-Command-3.
  • To take a screenshot of a part of the screen. Move the crosshair cursor to where you want to start the snapshot by pressing Shift-Command-4. Press and hold the mouse or trackpad button while dragging over the area you wish to capture, then let go.
  • Take a screenshot of a window or the menu bar. Press Shift-Command-4, then Space to exit. To highlight a window or menu bar, move the camera cursor over it, then click.
  • Please take a picture of a menu and its items. Press Shift-Command-4 to open the menu, then drag the cursor over the menu items you wish to capture.
  • Press Shift-Command 5 to open a screenshot.
  • Press Shift-Command-6 to capture the Touch Bar.

In the Shortcuts pane of Keyboard settings, you may change these keyboard shortcuts. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then Keyboard, then Shortcuts on your Mac.

How do you take a screenshot on a Mac? -mac screen

Screenshots and screen recordings are stored as.png files, respectively. The date and time are included in the filenames, which start with “Screen Shot” or “Screen Recording.”

How to take a screenshot of a Window or menu

  • To capture a window or menu, first, open it.
  • Shift, Command, 4, and Space bar should be pressed and held together. A camera symbol replaces the pointer. Press the Esc (Escape) key to stop the screenshot from being taken.
  • To capture it, click the window or menu. Press and hold the Option key while clicking to remove the window’s shadow from the snapshot.
  • To modify the screenshot, click the thumbnail in the corner of your screen. Alternatively, you may wait for the snapshot to be saved to your desktop.

Where can I get screenshots?

Screenshots are saved to your desktop by default as “Screenshot [date] at [time].png.”

You may change the default location of stored screenshots from the Options menu in the Screenshot app on Mac- OS Mojave or later. Additionally, you may drag the thumbnail to a folder or document.

Final thoughts

With the Screenshot app in Mac-OS Mojave or later, you can additionally specify a timeframe and determine where screenshots are stored

To open the app, press and hold the Shift, Command, and 5 buttons at the same time. Find out more about the Screenshot application.

Some programs, such as Apple TV, may prevent you from taking screenshots of their windows.

Press and hold the Control key while taking the screenshot to copy it to the Clipboard. The snapshot can then be pasted someplace else. To paste it on another Apple device, utilize Universal Clipboard.

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