Which Is the Best Budget iPhone to Buy? (Explained)

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There are a lot of iPhone models to choose from, and each has its own set of features and advantages.

Which is the best budget iPhone to buy? That depends on your needs and wants. If you want an iPhone for occasional use, the cheapest option is the Apple iPhone X.

It’s got a lower price tag than some of the other models. In this article, you can get all the information related to Which Is the Best Budget iPhone to Buy?

List of the Best Budget iPhone to Buy

Here is the List of the Best Budget iPhone to Buy. It must be very helpful for you.

  1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro
  2. Apple iPhone X
  3. Apple iPhone 12
  4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Image Name Price link 
Apple iPhone 12 ProApple iPhone 12 ProYou can view the price here on amazon.
Apple iPhone XApple iPhone XYou can view the price here on amazon.
Apple iPhone 12Apple iPhone 12You can view the price here on amazon.
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.You can view the price here on amazon.

1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is a great phone that comes with a lot of features. The 128GB storage capacity is great for storing photos, videos, and other files.

The Graphite color is also very nice and looks good with almost any outfit. The phone is unlocked and can be used with any carrier. It’s in excellent condition and has been tested and verified by the seller.



The camera is so good that it can take pictures that look like a professional photographer took them.

Another advantage of this phone is that it has a really fast processor. It means that the phone can run fast and smoothly.

iPhone 12 Pro has a limited storage capacity

It is expensive

2. Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X is also less expensive, starting at $397.79. Consider purchasing a used or refurbished model if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to the iPhone X.

Apple offers Certified Refurbished iPhones tested and certified by Apple to be in excellent condition.

The best deal on a refurbished iPhone X is the 64GB Space Gray model. This phone is unlocked and can be used with any carrier.



The OLED screen is very colorful and clear.

The facial recognition system is very accurate and fast.

The design of the iPhone X is not very practical

The screen on the iPhone X is very fragile

3. Apple iPhone 12

This Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, White – Unlocked (Renewed Premium), is a great phone. It has a lot of storage and is unlocked so you can use it with any carrier.

You can get this iPhone from a carrier for $689.00, and it is available in white. The best deal on this phone is the 64GB Gold model. It is an unlocked phone that can be useful with any carrier.



The camera is very good at taking pictures in low light and has an ultra-wide lens.

Another great feature is the battery life. The iPhone 12 has a longer battery life than previous models.

It may be more expensive than other models

It may be not easy to find accessories for it

4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is Apple’s latest and most advanced iPhone. It features a good OLED display and 256GB of storage.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is also water-resistant and has long battery life. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is available in four colors: black, white, gold, and silver. It’s also available in two storage capacities: 64GB or 256GB.



The iPhone 11 Pro Max has a really good battery life.

Limited Storage Capacity

Fragile design

What to Look for When Buy Best Budget iPhone?

When purchasing a new iPhone, especially if you’re on a budget, there are certain features and factors you’ll want to consider. Here are some things to look for when buying the best budget iPhone:

  • The price:

  • One of the most important factors when considering any purchase is the cost. When looking for a budget iPhone, compare prices and find the best deal.
  • The storage capacity:

  • Another important factor is the phone’s storage space. If you plan on storing many music or videos on your phone, you’ll need one with a larger storage capacity.
  • The camera quality:

  • Many people consider the camera quality to be one of the most important features of a smartphone. Check out the camera specs of any potential budget iPhone candidates before making your decision.
  • The battery life:

  • If you plan on using your budget iPhone as a phone, you’ll want to ensure it has good battery life. 
  • The operating system:

  • The iPhone comes with Apple’s iOS operating system, but you can choose to purchase a different operating system. 
  • The processor:

  • The choice of processors used in iPhones is very important to budget iPhone owners.

Is buying an iPhone a good option than an android?

Many people debate whether buying an iPhone is a better option than an android. Android has many different types of phones to choose from, while the iPhone only has a few options.

The newer iPhones are more expensive than the newest android phones. However, the quality of the iPhone is much better than any android phone.

Advantages of buying an iPhone

  • It has many features that other phones do not have. Such as the fingerprint scanner, which allows you to unlock your phone with your fingerprint. 
  • It also has a very good camera that takes great pictures. 
  • The iPhone is also very durable and can withstand being dropped without breaking. It is because it is made out of glass and metal.
  •  Another advantage of the iPhone is that you can use it to pay for things with Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the best budget iPhone to buy is the iPhone X. It has a longer battery life and is more powerful.

The iPhone is also more expensive than the other two models, but it is still a budget-friendly option.

If you are looking for an affordable iPhone with many features, the iPhone X is the best option available. In this article, you can also get some more options.

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