How To Copy And Paste Phone Numbers Into The iPhone’s Phone App (Explained)

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Are you facing the problem of re-entering the phone number into the iPhone’s Phone App? Although you have been an iPhone user for a long time, you still do not know how to optimize the input of phone numbers; in other words, Paste Phone Numbers into the iPhone’s Phone App is terrible.

If you are facing the above situation, this blog is for you. 

It has long been possible to paste phone numbers into the iPhone’s Phone app. I must have overlooked that because I was manually entering phone numbers.

I can’t blame myself because the functionality is buried, and highly unlikely for you to find it on your own, even accidentally.

Here’s how you paste phone numbers into the iPhone’s Phone App in case you were also unaware of this feature. 

By default, iPhone already has a feature that allows users to Copy a phone number from another application and Paste it into the Phone application without having to type in the number manually. 

Let’s me show you how to use it,

I had already lost so much time because I was unaware of this feature that I could not estimate it.

Typically, when users type a phone number into a note on the Notes app, the app creates a particular link.

Not only the Notes application, but many other applications on iPhone, such as Safari, Word, etc., also have the same unique link creation feature.

You can click on this particular link to make a call. However, this isn’t the only method for making phone calls.

Here is how Phone numbers can be pasted into the iPhone’s phone app:


  • First, the  opens the application containing the phone number you wants to copy, for example, Notes, Safari, Word, etc.
  • You can practice pasting phone numbers into the iPhone’s phone app by writing down the numbers of friends or family members like parents or siblings.
  • Next, select a phone number and place a finger on it for a brief moment before releasing the finger, or you can double-tap to pick a phone number.

How To Copy And Paste Phone Numbers Into The iPhone's Phone App (Explained) Copy Phone Number


  • When the function bar appears, along with functions like Cut, Copy, Paste, Replace,… Choose Copy. 
  • Additionally, the phone number you just chose will now be saved in the internal cache. This will assist you when you want to paste a phone number into the phone app on your iPhone and any other app that can enter numbers, such as the messaging app.


  • Now,  open the Phone application by clicking on the green stethoscope icon on the home screen or the Dock, then choose the keypad button’s iPhone. Select the Keypad tab to open the dialer.
  • The Phone application not only helps you to call your loved ones with their phone number, but it can also save phone numbers, add phone numbers to favorites, and view recent, incoming, and outgoing calls and missed calls. Or you can view contacts on your phone, send a voicemail, etc

.How To Copy And Paste Phone Numbers Into The iPhone's Phone App (Explained)


  • Double-tap on this empty area close to the top to bring up the paste button; this is usually the place to display the phone number type before dialing.
  • Aside from double-tapping, you can also place your finger in an empty area, hold it there for a moment, and then release it. Of course, the function bar appears as well.

How To Copy And Paste Phone Numbers Into The iPhone's Phone App (Explained)


  • Now the Paste function will appear; the rest of your work is straightforward: select the paste function. The phone number you chose and saved in the cache will appear immediately.
  • Of course, if you skip or make a mistake in one of the preceding steps, the paste function will not appear when you reach this step, and you will be unable to paste the phone number you selected.
  • By the way, you can save contacts with someone else’s phone number and call someone else’s phone number you’ve chosen in the same way.


Final Thoughts

I can assure you that if you have completed all of the preceding steps in their entirety and in the correct order, you will undoubtedly succeed in quickly pasting phone numbers into the iPhone’s phone app.

And that is the method for pasting phone numbers into the iPhone’s phone app. By doing this, you can easily cut down on the time and effort required to copy phone numbers.

I have made an effort to be as thorough and detailed in my explanations as possible, making them simple enough for anyone to understand—even those without any prior technical knowledge.

Did you find my instructions in the blog clear and concise? The method for copying a phone number from one app to another on an iPhone is described above. If necessary, you can also follow this guide manually if you prefer.

If you have any questions about pasting phone numbers into the phone app on an iPhone, leave a comment below the blog post, and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible.

I believe you should share this tip with your parents and friends, so they don’t have to waste time typing the phone numbers one by one into the iPhone’s phone app.

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