The features of iOS 16 that you should be aware of (Explained)

The features of iOS 16 that you should be aware of (Explained)

Here are some of the  features of iOS 16 that you should be aware of. Apple previewed the iOS 16 operating system for the iPhone in June 2022.

iOS 16 offers a variety of features, such as customizable widget-enabled Lock Screens, the ability to edit and delete messages, Significant updates to apps like Mail, Home, and Wallet, enhanced Focus modes, and iCloud Shared Photos Library for families, and much more.

The Lock Screen has been completely redone in iOS 16. The new Lock Screen design is incredibly customizable, offering numerous settings for widgets, typefaces, a multilayered effect for photos, and moving wallpapers.

Users can create different Lock Screens linked to Focus modes.

Be less intrusive because notifications now appear at the bottom of the screen. Thanks to Live Activities, users can follow ongoing activities, like a workout or a sporting event, in real-time from the Lock Screen.

Focus filters, a more straightforward setup process, connections to the whole Apple Watch face, and Lock Screens, Focus modes now include additional configuration options.

The Messages app has undergone significant updates, adding the option to edit or delete messages, mark messages as unread, and start a SharePlay session.

FaceTime calls may now be seamlessly moved between devices, while a new version of the Freeform program provides a platform for collaborative work on a virtual whiteboard.

There are new features to schedule emails, stop delivery, and get follow-up reminders in the Mail app, and Search has been completely redesigned.

Users without an Apple Watch can now access the Fitness app, while the Health app now has new medication functions. The Home app has also been revamped and re-engineered, and passkeys and shared tab groups are now accessible in Safari.

There are new sorting options in Notes and Reminders, improved transport card integration and multi-stop routing in the Maps app, and sports-specific features in the News app.

iCloud Shared Photo Library provides a valuable option to share a collection of photos with family members in addition to improvements to photo editing, albums, and Memories.

While the Wallet app now has new features to track deliveries and purchases, verify using digital ID, and share digital key cards, Apple Pay Later is a new way to pay for Apple Pay purchases in fee-free installments.

Live Text, Visual Look Up, Dictation, Siri shortcuts, Spatial Audio, and other features have also significantly improved.

Apple Pay Later is a new method of making fee-free installment payments for Apple Pay purchases.

At the same time, the Wallet app now has unique features to track deliveries and purchases, verify using digital ID, and share digital vital cards.

Significant advancements have also been made to Live Text, Visual Look Up, Dictation, Siri Shortcuts, Spatial Audio, and other features.

The features of iOS 16 that you should be aware of (Explained)
The features of iOS 16 that you should be aware of (Explained)

How to Install and Download iOS 16

To give Apple enough time to polish the update, fix any bugs, and allow developers to prepare their apps, iOS 16 is currently in beta testing. Developers and beta testers with compatible devices can now download iOS 16.

Later this year won’t be the time for it that the update will be widely accessible. Any compatible iPhone will be able to easily update to iOS 16 in the Software Update section of the Settings app once it is officially released in the fall, probably in September.

Latest Version

Apple has seeded three beta versions of iOS 16 to developers, and one has been released for public beta testing.

Lockdown Mode, additional Lock Screen time font options, Lock Screen Calendar widget privacy, a new “Include Due Today” option for the Reminders app, improvements to the Earth Lock Screen wallpaper, an improved iOS version interface, a Clownfish wallpaper option, a new splash screen for iCloud+, support for virtual cards in Safari, and more are all added in beta three.

The second developer beta improved wallpaper customization, added a location dot to the Astronomy wallpaper, offered a “Save to Quick Note” option when saving screenshots, made it simpler to delete customized Lock Screens, and added new healthiest APIs, and more.

Screen Lock Redesign

With widgets, customization options, a new location and animation for notifications, and a new system for in-the-moment “Live Activities,” iOS 16 completely redesigns the iPhone’s Lock Screen.

Customizing the Lock Screen

Users of iOS 16 can easily switch between their numerous personalized Lock Screens by holding down and swiping while swiping.

The subject can be placed in front of the time by selecting a new multilayered effect for wallpapers, and users can alter the date’s appearance and type with various typefaces and color schemes.

A new gallery offers ideas for making personal Lock Screens, including live weather wallpapers, animated Earth, moon, and solar system views, emojis, eye-catching backgrounds, and image suggestions.

The Lock Screen now includes widgets modeled after the complications on the Apple Watch, giving quick access to data on the calendar, weather, battery life, alarms, time zones, and Activity ring progress. The WidgetKit API allows developers to produce widgets for their applications.


In iOS 16, notifications are redesigned to roll up from the bottom of the screen, ensuring that users can quickly glance at them while maintaining a clear view of their customized Lock Screen.

Users can choose to view notifications on the Lock Screen in a count view, stacked view, or expanded list view, and they can change the layout in context by pinching.


Actual Activities

Using the Lock Screen, users can now access the new Live Activities feature, making it easier to keep track of things happening in real-time, such as a sports game, workout, ride-share, or food delivery order.

Live Activities are represented by a persistent card at the bottom of the Lock Screen that appears while the activity is in progress.

A Better Focus Mode

With iOS 15, focus modes were first introduced, and they have since been improved and expanded upon in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS Ventura.

Each Focus mode has a linked Lock Screen to go along with the updated customizable Lock Screen in iOS 16. iPhone users can now swipe between Lock Screens to activate a corresponding Focus in addition to the previously available ways, such as in Control Center or through automation.

When setting up a Focus mode, iOS 16 suggests Home Screen and Lock Screen configurations with pertinent apps, wallpapers, and widgets. Users can also directly link an Apple Watch face to a particular Focus.

A personalized setup experience for each option has also improved the process of configuring Focus modes.

Focus filters are one of iOS 16’s most significant improvements to Focuses. Users can set boundaries in apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari using focus filters to limit the display of content to only that which is relevant, such as a specific Tab Group in Safari, a collection of calendars in the Calendar app, or email accounts in Mail.

#Developers can incorporate this functionality into their apps and alter the content based on the user’s current Focus by using a new Focus filter API.

Additionally, Focus modes have more customizable options, including a new feature that lets users silence notifications from both apps and people. This effectively allows users to exclude reports rather than enable them, as in iOS 15.

Final Thoughts

The new, noteworthy features I mentioned above are listed above. I hope you can use this information. For any questions, kindly leave a comment below.

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