How To Download Podcasts To Apple Watch (Explained)

How To Download Podcasts To Apple Watch (Explained)

Here is How you download podcasts to your apple watch in an easy steps. Podcasts are one of the most enthusiastically requested apps for the Apple Watch, and of course, it’s hard to see why such an essential app didn’t appear in the first place.

Everything is possible with watchOS 5, so in this topic we bring you what may be the definitive guide to maximizing the use of podcasts on your Apple Watch.

Many users prefer the native iOS app to listen to their favorite Podcasts, and now with the arrival of watchOS, things have become much lighter.

Let’s explore everything you can do to make using Podcasts live on your Apple Watch convenient and fast.

 Installed watchOS 5 on you  Apple Watch and updated your iPhone to any iOS 12 version, click Activate this native app by default.

However, you have some excellent options that can control, manage and fine-tune through both devices, so you can also use the Clock app available on our iPhone. Like the Podcasts app on Apple Watch, here are more things you can do to your liking.

How to Download Podcasts On Apple Watch

The main thing is to have Podcasts available because one advantage of the application for watchOS 5 is precisely that you will not need a working iPhone to act as an intermediary between the Podcast and headphones; that is, it goes much further than a multimedia controller.

Apple Watch will download subscribed podcasts that you have not heard in the internal memory, allowing to access them easily without having to do anything.

To do this, you need to go to the Watch app and the Podcasts app; it will allow to change the configuration of «Add episodes of…» the effect is like this.

How To Download Podcasts To Apple Watch (Explained)
How To Download Podcasts To Apple Watch (Explained)


only the episode you are listening to or in the list «Listen» is transmitted.


Choose episodes to be downloaded automatically in the Apple Watch’s storage, deleting them once you’ve played them entirely.

Activate the switch of the people you want to download; also, this download will be done as long as the Apple Watch is charging and is on a known Wi-Fi network, whether it is connected directly to the iPhone or not more difficult.

How to Access Podcasts from Apple Watch

When enter the Apple Watch Podcasts app, you have two options to play content, either through Apple Watch storage or use the Apple Watch as a bridge between the iPhone and the Podcasts app.

When open the app directly, the cover of the most listened Podcast will appear in its available chapter.

Still, you have to slide from top to bottom to access two options that allow to choose Apple Watch entirely standalone.

On iPhone:

It allows to quickly access the list that you have configured on the Apple Watch, all without any limitation: Listen; Programs; Tap, and Station. As well as, a tab “Now it has sound…” will open at the top if you have an account on pause.


This is where you can quickly access those Podcasts that you configured a while ago, which are automatically downloaded to the internal storage of the Apple Watch and are deleted once you have listened.

How to Make the Most of Apple Podcasts on the Apple Watch

Podcast episodes can be synced directly to the Apple Watch app on an iPhone using the Apple Watch app.

1. Go to Settings > Podcasts on your iPhone and enable Sync Podcasts.

2. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app. Activate the My Watch tab. Choose Podcasts by moving the cursor down.

3. Under Add Episodes From, choose Custom.

4. For the show(s) you want to sync with your watch, tap the toggle switch. While the Apple Watch is charging, the show syncs to it.How To Download Podcasts to Apple watch (Explained)

Open the Podcasts app, perform a search for the show, and choose to Subscribe if you’re having trouble finding it.

5. Launch the Podcasts app on your Apple Watch, use the Digital Crown to browse the selection, and then tap a podcast to begin listening.

Bluetooth headphones are required to listen to the Podcast.

After you listen to an episode, Apple automatically deletes it from your Apple Watch.

Downloading fresh episodes of the Apple Watch podcast

You subscribe to podcasts, and sync to your Apple Watch as it charges automatically. you can manually sync podcasts. Your watch can stream and download episodes without an iPhone as long as it is plugged into a Wi-Fi network.

The Apple Watch uses a lot of battery life while downloading podcasts via Bluetooth, so keep it charged.

Tips for Using MiniCast with Apple Podcasts

Using the MiniCast app, you may download podcasts right to your Apple Watch. Ensure the MiniCast app appears on your Apple Watch after you’ve paid for it. If not, take the following actions:

1. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app.

2. Select MiniCast by scrolling down and finding it.

3. Toggle the Display on the Apple Watch and switch to the on position.

4. Relaunch the MiniCast watch app. To download the episode to the watch’s internal storage, select it.

Although it may take some time, doing this will enable you to forego using your phone to link Bluetooth headphones with your watch.

Workouts++ for Apple Podcasts: How to Use

After installing the Workouts++ app on your iPhone, you can add it to your Apple Watch if you don’t see it there immediately.

1. Tap Podcasts in the lower menu of the Workouts++ app on your iPhone, then tap the Plus (+) in the top-left corner.

2. Look up the preferred Podcast. You can stream podcasts straight from the watch app once you’ve added one or more subscriptions.

3. Choose an episode to start the download and transfer procedure before adding it to the watch app.

4. You may view your podcast episodes by opening the Workouts+ watch app. To view the available episodes, slide the screen to the left. Then, choose an episode to listen to it.

Final Thoughts

Here are some tips for making the most of podcasts on your Apple Watch; if you have any more queries, post them in the comments.

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