Easy steps on how to use Bluetooth on a mac (Explained)

Easy steps on how to use Bluetooth on a mac (Explained)

 Here are Easy steps to use Bluetooth on a mac. Do you understand how to activate Bluetooth on a MacBook quickly and easily, share data or connect to accessories such as headsets, keyboards, or phones…? If you do not know, please refer to the instructions on two straightforward ways to turn on Bluetooth in the following article.

Turn On Bluetooth right in the menu bar.

This is the simplest and most used way to turn on Bluetooth on MacBook today. To do it this way, you need to go through 2 steps.

Step 1

You need to select the Bluetooth icon on the Menu Bar of the MacBook screen.

Step 2

To turn on Bluetooth on Mac, select “Turn Bluetooth On. “If you want to turn off the device’s Bluetooth, click “Bluetooth Off.”

Enable Bluetooth on MacBook in System Preferences

Step 1

To turn on Bluetooth on MacBook using System Preferences, you first need to access the Dock. Then, click on the System Preferences icon.

Step 2

The System Preferences window will now appear. What you need to do now is to select the icon with the image of Bluetooth.

Step 3

To turn on Bluetooth MacBook, select Turn Bluetooth on and select the device to connect.

Step 4

To disconnect Bluetooth, select “Turn Bluetooth off.”

How to turn on Bluetooth when MacBook does not recognize the mouse (trackpad)

You can connect the mouse using the USB port if the trackpad is damaged. Unlike how to activate Bluetooth on a typical laptop, Mac OS X also supports activating Bluetooth if the mouse is not detected if you do not have a USB-connected mouse (trackpad).

Step 1

Press the “Command + Spacebar” key combination to open Spotlight. Continue typing “Bluetooth File Exchange” and press “Enter.”

Step 2

While the Bluetooth application launches on the MacBook screen, press “Enter” and select “Turn Bluetooth on”

Step 3

You press “Enter” and use the up and down keys to select the device to connect.

Easy steps on how to use Bluetooth on a mac (Explained)
Easy steps on how to use Bluetooth on a mac (Explained)

How to fix the “Bluetooth Not Available” error on MacBook

Technology forums have many comments about MacBooks showing Bluetooth Not Available errors. Fixing this problem is not difficult; you can reinstall the operating system or follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Open the finder and then go to the:/Library/Preferences folder.

Step 2

Locate and rename the file: com. apple.Bluetooth.plist. Then proceed to reboot the system and check Bluetooth.


If not, you should go to an Apple center to check and repair because this may be related to the device’s hardware.

Check Bluetooth Connection device with MacBook.

If the device paired with the MacBook runs on battery and turns it on manually, you’ll need to check that device first to see if it’s paired. You must ensure your device is adequately paired and visible on the mac screen.

If you connect a working Bluetooth speaker or another audio device, even though paired, no sound is heard.

At this point, you need to ensure that the Bluetooth speaker selected as the output is chosen as the primary output in System Preferences => Sound => Output to fix Bluetooth errors on MacBook.

Besides, you can also select the volume icon on the screen and the audio output.

Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on to fix Bluetooth errors on MacBook

To disable Bluetooth on MacBook and restart to fix the Bluetooth error on MacBook, go to System Preferences => Bluetooth and click Turn Off, then click Turn On again to re-enable.

You can also turn off the Bluetooth icon in the toolbar and then open it again.

You can also apply a method to kill the entire Bluetooth process. Please open. Terminal, then enter the command sudo kill blued + password Admin.

This will kill and restart the process running in the background, allowing you to try enabling Bluetooth again.

Repair devises to fix Bluetooth errors on MacBook.

Repairing devices is also a way for you to fix Bluetooth errors on MacBook.

If those devices have been paired before but cannot connect this time, you can apply the method of forgetting the device and pairing again from the beginning.

To review previously paired Bluetooth devices, go to System Preferences => Bluetooth, select the device that is having problems, and click on the X with the word Remove attached to remove and unpair the device. There.

The next step now is to repair the devices again if the Bluetooth connection error is still there or not.

Restart, Erase or Reset MacBook to fix Bluetooth error on MacBook.

Please go to Apple => Restart to fix Bluetooth errors, especially if the Bluetooth module is suspended and not responding to macOS.

Error “Bluetooth not available.”

When your MacBook appears Bluetooth not Available error, it means that Bluetooth is not working anymore. You can fix the Bluetooth error on this MacBook in the following way:

Step 1:

Exit any apps or system preferences running on your MacBook and establish a Bluetooth connection.

Step 2:

In OS X Finder, press Command + Shift + GET

Step 3:

It will launch “Go to Folder,” and there, you type /Library/Preferences/Easy steps on how to use Bluetooth on a mac (Explained)

Step 4:

Find the file with the extension “com.apple.Bluetooth.plist” and delete it. If there are other files with the same extension, delete them.Easy steps on how to use Bluetooth on a mac (Explained)

Step 5.

Go back to the desktop and click on the Apple logo.

Step 6.

Select Shut Down.

Step 7.

After a while, restart your Mac, re-sync your Bluetooth device, and pair it from scratch.

How to Reset Bluetooth Module to factory setting state

The final solution to fix Bluetooth errors on MacBook is to reset the Bluetooth module to its original setup state. You will lose all existing paired devices.

Go to System Preferences => Bluetooth and check the box for Show Bluetooth on the menu bar if you can’t see the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.

Next, press and hold Shift + Option, and click the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar. On the menu displayed on the screen, select Debug => Reset the Bluetooth module. And finally, try to pair the device again.

The final solution is resetting the Bluetooth module to its factory default setting. That is, you will lose all existing paired connections.

After trying the fixes mentioned above, if your Mac still has Bluetooth connection issues, you might need to pay a modest charge to have your gadgets operating correctly.

In addition, holding down the Option key and clicking the mouse will display more information and options in the context menu, and pressing Shift + mouse click allows debugging menus.

Final Thoughts

Above are the simple steps I mentioned in the guide to using Bluetooth on MacBook, as well as a few tips and tricks for fixing its error.

Using Bluetooth is one of the easy ways for your Mac to quickly connect to nearby computers and devices and use it wirelessly.

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